Contemporary Music Festival

Contemporary Music Festival

Studied Sounds


In June: Concerts, workshops, lectures, and seminars are only some of the activities in this celebration of the contemporary music scene, all the while respecting the roots of this music, which need to be studied, celebrated and shared.

The expert view

  1. It’s one of the most important event of the type in Mexico.
  2. Even though it attracts big, international artists, the real point of the event is to promote new talents from Michoacán and around Mexico.
  3. Varied instrumental sounds are conmbined with new technologies to create extraordinary sounds.
  4. This event shows how music can break free of the chains of predifined rhythms, and let the audience find their own structure.
  5. There are more examples of this type of festival, with the Morelia Music Festival, the Organ Festival, the Guitar Festival, and the Festival of Music and New Technologies.


  1. What to wear
    We recommend very formal attire for concerts and conferences, or more casual comfortable clothing for the workshops.
  2. What to eat
    ‘Los Mirasoles’ restaurant on the corner of Madero and Leon Guzman offeres a range of delicious typical dishes from Michoacán and around the world, all in a lovely family environment. It also has a great wine cellar and an impressive range of martinis.
  3. What to buy
    There’s a bookstore called Educal on Nigromante Street, close to the Clavijero Cultural Center which has a broad selection of books on arts and culture, including the sonic arts.
  4. Other tips
    The university public library is housed in a wonderful colonial building, where academia and culture meet. It’s close to the the major exhibition centers, and lies at the very heart of the city.


  1. The Clavijero Cultural Center. It’s a cultural gem. Founded in 2008, there are local and international exhibitions. During the viceregal period, it was a monastery and jesuit college.
  2. Government Palace. A baroque building with two floors and three patios, featuring murals by Alfredo Zalce and paintings by Juan Torrres Calderón.
  3. Ex Palace of Justice. A wonderful French-style building in the city center, built by Guillermo de Sorinne for Porfirio Diaz.
  4. San Jose Garden. Features a large central fountain and a majestic church of the same name, an 18th century construction in the typical baroque style of the city.
  5. Michoacán Regional Museum. Founded in 1886 by Nicolas Leon, with a large mural by Alfredo Zalce, as well as paintings by Federico Cantú and Grece Greenwood, among others.

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