Enchiladas Morelianas

Enchiladas Morelianas

Gastronomic pride


The city’s most emblematic dish, also called ‘placeras enchilada’s is made from a tortilla dipped in guajillo chile sauce and then fried in oil, before being sprinkled with cheese and onion; wrapped up, and finally topped with lettuce, cabbage, more cheese, jalapeno peppers in vinegar, fried carrot and potato. Usually served in groups of three with a piece of chicken.

The expert view

  • The exquisite traditional flavor of these enchiladas is something you won’t find in a fancy restaurant, only in the street or the little eateries of Morelia.
  • Michoacán cuisine is the most varied in the country in terms of traditional dishes.
  • ‘Enchiladas placeras’ form part of the local food tradition that has been declared to be an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
  • Another option to accompany your enchiladas is with a sweet white wine in order to arrest the acidity of the sauce.
  • Another site where you will find delicious enchiladas placeras is one of the plazas of Pátzcuaro, located just 40 minutes from the city.


  • How to dress?
    It is best to wear dark clothing due to the sauces that are put on enchiladas, because they can leave stains that are not easily removed.
  • What to eat?
    The eatery called ‘La Immaculada’, located in the Vasco de Quiroga neighborhood, has the most exquisite enchiladas placeras. This place offers a wide variety of typical dishes from Michoacán.
    The stalls and eateries of San Augustin, are where you eat the most famous morelian enchiladas, you will also find several dishes more Michoacán style dishes. This place has a congregation of food establishments huddled together under the 16th century arches of a former monastery.
  • What to buy?
    If you are enchanted by the cuisine, it is probably a good option you to visit the Casa de Artesanias (house of crafts), where you will find traditional cooking utensils.
  • Others tips
    If you are looking for a more elegant Michoacán style meal, we recommend some of the restaurants in the center of the city, where you will find a wide variety of dishes of this type in a harmonious environment and a charming 17th century atmosphere.


  • Church and Convent of San Agustin. It was built between 1550 and 1626 and it is located to the south of the Cathedral. It features a plateresque style facade with renaissance influences), with the coat of arms of the Augustinian Order, the image of Saint Augustine and a sculpture of the Archangel Saint Michael.
  • Morelia Aqueduct. Considered by many to be the most important civil construction in the city, visit unique in Mexico and the full aqueduct had been built in the colony by the year 1549.
  • Las Tarascas Fountain. This beautiful sculpture was built in 1937 and the three women represent the indigenous princesses Atzimba, Erendira and Tzetzangari.
  • Historical Museum of the Judiciary of Michoacán. It is a beautiful building with a French style structure and an eclectic style. The second floor houses unique decorative elements with pre-Hispanic influences.
  • Theater Ocampo. It was built during the first stage of the 19th century by the architect Luis Sapari. The theater had has had different names over the years like the “Imperial Theater” or “Coliseo Theater”. It wasn’t until 1872 that it was given the name of the Illustrious Melchor Ocampo.

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