The Gaspachos

The Gaspachos

Gastronomic Revolt


Chopped fruits combined with jicama served in a tall glass and seasoned with vinegar, citrus juice, chopped onion and grated cheese. A winning combination. Chile added to taste. One of the most authentic, popular and exotic gastronomic traditions of Morelia. It has its origin in a dish called pico de gallo (slice of jicama with chili peppers) and its name is taken from the Spanish gazpacho (cold soup).

The Expert view

  • Jicama is a very Mexican root, full of nutritional properties, with antioxidants, high fiber content and a lot of potassium.
  • Michoacán’s cheeses are some of the most known in the world for their unique texture and body. Cotija cheese has been voted best cheese in international competitions.
  • The gaspacho can be enjoyed in many ways. Some ice cream parlors even offer it in the form of a popsicle, a delight that helps cool you down too.
  • Chili powder is a great addition to your gaspacho, the most common varieties in these parts are the guajillo, tree and piquín chilies.
  • Michoacán is the leading producer of export quality mangoes in the country, so when they’re in season you’re in for a treat.


  • How to dress?
    To go to a gaspacho joint you shouldn’t worry much by your appearance, you’ll find all walks of life there.
  • What to eat?
    Although the traditional combination is jicama-pineapple-mango, you can also ask them to add watermelon, cucumber, or lime juice.
    Don Vasco sauce is a source in a Morelian pride. It is not very spicy, but its flavor is unmistakable and almost every snack vendor has a bottle handy.
  • What to buy?
    Perhaps the spicy gaspacho left you with a hot sensation in your mouth… you could try something sweet on the Cerrada de San Augustin like the delicious chocolate and churros to balance out the spices.
  • Other tips
    Always ask for extra napkins. The spicy orange juice may be a delight, but you could end up with some very sticky hands.


  • Bosque Cuauhtémoc: Some of the most famous gaspachos stands are in this beautiful park which once had some of the most expensive cottages of the city. Now it is a public place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature close to the historic center.
  • Gaspachos Boulevard. One of the local’s favorite places to buy this emblematic dish. The address is: Boulevard García de León number 1220.
  • Calzada de San Agustín: This closed street with colonial airs has a lot to offer, with the very best of Michoacán cuisine, the perfect place to spend the night with a great view of the towers of the center.
  • Madero Avenue: On this important avenue you will find all kinds of shops, as well as some famous gaspachos stores if you walk toward the east.
  • Calzada Fray Antonio de San Miguel: The ideal place to sit on one of the stone benches and relax among aromatic ash trees and colonial cobblestone streets.
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