Poliforum Digital Morelia

Poliforum Digital Morelia

Un nuevo espacio con tecnología de vanguardia, sede idónea para actividades de talla nacional e internacional.

A new space with cutting edge technology, the ideal space for hosting national and international events.
Its mission is to benefit society in Morelia through training and orientation programs promoting the use of technology, with the interaction of specialized and highly qualified professionals offering high quality services.
It provides dynamic experiences for all participants, promoting a culture of learning and self-worth. It’s a place for people to find their talents and apply them for the benefit of the community, through transcendental experiences that promote solidarity and sensitivity.


• Areas of the Poliforum Digital Morelia

Parking lot

Civic Square

Soccer pitch

> Ground Floor Main Building

General Entrance Hallway


Multipurpose room

Exhibition Hall

Kitchen and Cafeteria

> First Floor

*Interactive Classrooms
Consultation cubicles

*Wii Room

*Digital Library Area with free access to the Internet

> Second Floor

Administrative Area
*Department of professionalization and Business Development

Boardroom, Outreach and Training
Waiting rooms
*Casa Meced (Children’s home)

> Outdoor Theater “Chucho Monge”

Dressing Rooms


Machine room

Audio and Sound Booth

Gastronomic Area

> Roof Garden

Leisure and Recreation Area
(Beautiful View)

Description of Activities by Area: Academic Services – First Floor

Digital Library Area with free access to the Internet

It is a space that has tables and chairs and internet Access where you’ll be able to search for all kinds of information; academic, artistic, cultural, as well as use of video conference calls via personal computers with a range of platforms to help connect people from all over the world. It pens from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm hrs. and 4:00 pm 8:00 pm.

Interactive classrooms

Workshops: (Only for children from 7 to 14 years of age.)

-Free Software Laboratory: Computer Room with Linux. This room will be a space for knowledge, and the exploration and development of free software.

– Design Laboratory: equipped with MAC, specifically aimed at offering creativity workshops digital and multimedia design.

– Robotics Club: Robotics Laboratory with mechatronics and electronics and specialized educational technology to facilitate participation in competitions.

– Computer Rooms: Offering more than 150 courses related to digital , verbal, numerical, and critical skills

– Homework Club: a space that will offer advice and help passing the ENLACE exam.

– Edutainment rooms: Spaces equipped with devices for recreation and learning.

– Telmex Hub Digital Library Zone: reconfigurable space for meetings, exhibitions, etc.


– Basic Computing – (15 years plus)

– Basic English – (7 years plus)

No cost

Requirements to Enroll:

Copy of the birth certificate
Copy of CURP
Passport-size photographs 2
Copy of Proof of address
* Certificate of Secondary Education in the case of courses for over students over 15 years old.
Completed registration form (submitted with the other documents)

Space is limited

WII Room – interactive video games room

Entertainment space with 8 modules with the capacity for two students per module overseen by an instructor, designed with a dual purpose: to entertain users and encourage them, and also to reward them through a system of electronic awards and video game time. The aim is the fulfilment of academic and cultural objectives of the various activities and disciplines offered at the Poliforum-digital.



This area provides advisory services, consulting, training, for the development of entrepreneurial and business skills and, as well as counseling for corporate conflict resolution.

Projection room and Smes Training Room

Learn how to organize forums, exhibitions, lectures, conferences, trade fairs and how to write agreements, contracts, and create productive projects.

MECED House (For Minors in Difficult Circumstances)

It provides:

Psychological, legal, medical , advisory and consulting services to families with interpersonal problems, providing workshops in several languages and much more.

All these services are free here at the Poliforum Digital Morelia in the Meced children’s home offices located on the second floor.

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